FELIZ workshop with Studio Choo

Ya’ll have heard me rave about the ladies of Studio Choo, Jill & Alethea. This talented duo has a new book out, the Flower Recipe Book, and are embarking on a book tour this week. I’m excited to announce that they’ll be coming to Austin and teaching a FELIZ workshop on making flower crowns this Saturday afternoon at Rosewood Collective (1223 Rosewood Ave).

We only have a few spots left, so book your ticket now! In addition to learning how to make flower crowns, workshop attendees will also receive a copy of their book, making it a real deal for only $35. Afterwards, we’ll party it up with floral-infused cocktails and a book signing to celebrate Jill & Alethea’s trip.

Stay tuned for some other exciting workshop announcements from Canoe soon!

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Woodland Woodcarving

Talented woodworker Andrew Groves of Miscellaneous Adventures will be teaching workshops this spring in the Sussex countryside. I’d love to hop on a plane and learn how to carve my own wooden tools, like the wonderful spoons and toogles Andrew makes. He’s in the last hours of a kickstarter campaign to help make the workshop extra special. Help spread the word and support Andrew’s great work.

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Plants: Our Silent Guardians

If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check out a new installation by Lili Cuzor opening this Thursday at the Standard Hollywood. Lili is working in collaboration with Lauren Spencer King and Claire Cottrell. Plants: Our Silent Guardians will include art, floral installations, workshops, and a month-long pop-up of Bookstand. I’m excited to see what these talented ladies have cooked up!

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Fail Better

I saw this post on one of my daily reads, This Improvised Life, and I had to share with you. I learned to embrace failing a while ago, but it’s a lesson we all relearn from time to time. Failing can be good–it means that you are trying. Fear of failure is what holds us back most of the time, so embracing it can open up new opportunities that we never thought possible.

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Of A Kind Hawkeye Wallet

Of a Kind and Canoe collaboration

Dreams are coming true over here in Austin, TX! We’re excited to share our Of a Kind collaboration, the Hawkeye wallet. It’s available in black buffalo calfskin or a hand dyed oxblood with a tooled leather strap. Since Of a Kind launched, I have always dreamed of  working with them, so this collaboration marks a major milestone for me. I feel really honored to be in such good company with designers like Jesse Kamm, Creatures of Comfort, and Mociun. I cannot say enough good things about Of a Kind; the hardest thing was keeping it under wraps because I was so excited!

Of a Kind and Canoe collaboration

I had such great conversations with Meghana Ghandi, who put together a few wonderful articles about what I’m listening to, and the inspiration behind the new studio and butcher shop. My story has a bit of a winding path, but she crafted a beautiful bio that really feels like me. Maybe that’s a strange thing to comment on, but when you’re a maker who sometimes struggles to tell your own story, it’s so refreshing to hear someone else tell it well. I really value working with folks that are so good at what they do, and the Of a Kind crew is really, really good at what they do.

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Catching up & laughing at myself

Oh hi, it’s almost March. To say things have been busy would be an understatement. The butcher shop opened up a few weeks ago (photos to come) and we are officially moved into our new Canoe studio space. I’m already working on a big new project that will be debuting in a few weeks, but until then it’s under wraps. I am having to practice serious patience in 2013, so a few weeks won’t kill you.

A good friend passed along this video by Matthew Frost called Fashion Film, which has me grinning ear-to-ear. Yes, I have thought about putting together a similar dead serious short film for Canoe at times that would touch upon many of these tropes. I love being able to laugh at myself and the ridiculous clichés we catch ourselves falling into. Also, Lizzy Caplan is pretty brillant, no?

FASHION FILM from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.


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Reaching Goals

Canoe studio space at Canopy

This week I made an important goal of mine a reality–I signed on a glorious 300 square foot studio space. Starting in February, I will be running Canoe in east Austin at Canopy, a new creative space with artist studios and galleries. Canopy is run by Big Medium, a gallery and non-profit organization in Austin that also runs the EAST and WEST studio tours.

This is the first time since graduate school that I will have a studio space separate from my living space. Might not sound like much, but that separation will change my day-to-day life in more ways than I can anticipate. In good ways, and probably some not-so-good ways, too, but it’s long overdue. Canoe has outgrown the space I currently have and it’s taken a while to find just the right studio. I am a bit picky about my work environment (shocker).

Phillip Lim's studio

I’m working on the layout of the space now and trying to figure out the most efficient way to use my wealth of square footage and take advantage of my lone window. Researching creative spaces is a pretty fun way to kill time on the internet; check out this great post by Chloe for some ideas. How do you lay out your space? What do you wish you had room for in your studio? Any advice on maximizing a single window?

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