It has been a whirl-wind few days for fail+CANOE, finalizing samples, adjusting sizing, and generally preparing for this weekend.  We are thrilled to announce that all of the pieces from both the Outlaw and Tierra Collections are now available to view online!

You can see the collections in their entirety through fail or CANOE.  Please let us know what you think!

Gorge Earrings
Merle Cuff


Waylon & Jessi Cuff
Gorge Necklace
Johnny & June Bracelet
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  3. Hey man I just wanted to stop by and say i love reading your blog.

  4. Hey there , I am making a blog and some of your original articles would fit the context good. Am I allowed to copy and paste this article?

    • No, all our articles are copyright and can not be copy/pasted into other blogs. Thanks for asking and good luck with your blog!

      • Pao says:

        my mister is cetinraly a modern gentleman. he has a style all his own a perfect blend of dandy meets cowboy with his own practical farmer, baker, bicycle-maker twist. items in his life must be made with integrity and be long-lasting, or at least a handsome score from a thrift shop. he works harder than anyone i know and also has the ability to play harder always looking good while doing it. my gentleman friend has a sensibility and practicality in life that doesn’t allow for synthetic frivolity. cotton, wool, and leather are his textiles of choice for feeling and looking good. his style is subtle but his heart and generosity are not. he is more old fashioned than modern, but a real gentleman all the same.

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