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Posted on June 17, 2013 by Natalie Davis on Austin, Canoe, leather, workshop

June’s Tooling Workshop

Canoe Workshop on Leather Tooling from

A few weeks ago I had some wonderful company in the studio for a Leather Tooling workshop. This was the first of many workshops to be held in our new space. The picture above perfectly captures what I always envisioned– great folks coming together around a large work table, experimenting with new techniques, learning from each other, and having a great time.

Canoe Workshop on Leather Tooling from

In addition to running Canoe, I also am an assistant professor in graphic design, so I’m no stranger to leading a class. It’d been a few weeks since the semester had ended and the workshop was a perfect reminder of why I love what I do. It’s truly magical to sit down with a group of folks, share what you know, give them tools, and watch them make and experiment. I was really impressed by the tooling patterns they created and great dye techniques used. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Canoe Workshop on Leather Tooling from

I’ll post student work a bit later. If you missed this class, but are interested in talking a workshop, check out our summer schedule here. We’ll be teaching this workshop in Austin again in the fall, so hop on our mailing list to get notified (in the right hand column). We’re also thinking about offering an advanced course for those who’ve taken this class. What do you think?

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