Open Road Armchair with KKDW

Open Road chair by KKDW x Canoe

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the Open Road armchair, my first collaboration with KKDW. Kelly is such a talented designer and it was a real dream to work with her on this piece. The chair features a sleek and subtly angular frame welded from solid steel rod by KKDW. With a veg tan leather seat and back hand-stitched by Canoe, the chair is simple and strong with a refined silhouette.

Detail of Open Road chair by KKDW x Canoe

Check out the subtle pattern on this beautiful piece of veg-tan. Over time, the leather will soften and darken with age and use. Both the seat and back are carefully and slowly hand stitched. Cursing may have been involved at times, but it was said with love.

Open Road chair by KKDW x Canoe

I can’t deny the rumor that Kelly made me go blonde to match the chair. I’m pretty happy about it.

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Setting Goals and Patience

This week I am heading to New York to show at NY Now with American Design Club (booth #4270 in Accent on Design). Showing at NY Now has been a goal of mine for seven years, and the time is finally right for me to be there and be ready for it. For those not in the product design business, I describe this show as the Superbowl for wholesale.

I’ve talked with countless friends and mentors about this step over the years, and I am amazed at how calm I feel mere days from leaving. I’ve had to be patient and disciplined, knowing that the right time will come for me. The patient part isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most important values I am cultivating with Canoe. For me, it’s about slow and steady growth, not a quick race. Leather work has taught me so much about moving slowly through the process and enjoying each step, being present and aware. I’ve been training new apprentices this month and the sentiment I keep repeating to them is, “Leather work is a long process. Be patient with it and yourself.”


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Building tools

As a designer, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I work and live in my space, both at home and in the studio. I’m quite particular about functionality and the beauty of the objects that surround me. Ever since my days as a shop girl at the beloved Rare Device, I’ve dreamt of having a beautiful space to pack orders. A weird thing to fixate on, but when you devote entire days to shipping boxes, these things take on a new significance.

When I moved into my current studio space, I started sketching out an ideal packing station and a way to store the space-sucking packing peanuts used for shipping. I have hidden packing peanuts under rugs, in closets, and under my bed for many years. Now, I wanted to proudly display them in a way that felt intentional and not just “that’ll do for now.”

That’s what motivated this 2-week long project. Aided by my apprentice Anna, we put together a DIY project that took on an odd significance. This became my Field of Dreams, if you will. Build it, and you will ship boxes non-stop. So we did. It prompted me to spend 2 days indigo dying, which is a lovely way to spend your days, folks. I had dreamt of an shibori-dyed packing peanut station, and we made it come true with only one trip to home depot, which is a miracle itself.

The bag itself measures 5′ tall and hangs off a pulley system. Due to the metal ceiling of my studio, we built a small shelf to hang the pulley instead of randomly drilling into sheet metal. We used these instructions as our guide, adapting it to be a drawstring bag for a slimmer silhouette. It has a hot air balloon quality to it that I admire. Since installing it, I often find myself gazing at this new piece of equipment with wonder. Who knew office equipment could inspire such feelings?


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We Are The Best!

I can’t help but smile wide watching the trailer for “We Are The Best!, ” a Swedish film by Lukas Moodysson. The film follows two 13-year-old best friends who are outcasts at their school for being punk rockers after punk is dead. But, guys, punk’s not dead! The film was released in the US at the end of May, so find a theater near you and relive the volatile emotions of being 13.

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West Elm Pop Up, 6/14

Join us on Saturday, June 14th, from 12-4pm for a afternoon at West Elm in Austin (1011 W.5th St)! We’re excited to hang out with a few of our favorite Austin makers, Fail Jewelry and Leah Duncan, good friends and real talents. There will be drinks and snacks, along with some beautiful wares to shop. Swing by and say hello! It should be a lovely afternoon.


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Crave Talk on Creativity, 5/22

I’m excited to be joining a wonderful group of women on Thursday, May 22nd for a panel discussion on creativity. Join us for the CRAVE Fuel event at Spruce Upholstery (6611 N. Lamar Blvd). I’ll be speaking with Amanda Brown (Spruce), Maura Ambrose (Folk Fibers), Chelsea Fullerton (Go Forth), and Jessica Sanders (Drink.Well). Reserve your spot here.

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